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Singaporean. 18.

I hope you'll stay with me, forever and always. I'll always be your girl, and you'll be my all-time favourite boy ♥

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Freshly baked banana choc chip cookies ☺ with Val~ (at My kitchen)

Family photo!!!! had a great time at sentosa today ☀☺ (at Vivo City)

Have a safe trip to bali and enjoy your grad trip there! ☺😘 see ya on fridayyyy

Free ice-cream day for us! ^_^ #FHA Day 2~ (at Expo Singapore)

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Dinner with my 二妹☺✌ (at Bugis Junction)

Captain America and Fish&Co with the bros ^_^ ✌ (at Fish N Co. Glass House @ Dhoby Ghaut)

Fri-date with ♡☺✌ #day15itp #TGIF

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明明说好的, 可是不想你扫兴, 自己却不开心一整晚。。。何苦呢?自相矛盾最厉害,笑也笑不出来 😪😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

Selfie because it’s tiring thursday & im alr on bed with my bear ✌💞🐻 (at my hideout)

I think i had always secretly hoped the 2 of us weren’t living so distant away from one another… It’s tiring for me. and maybe you. Work really drained that energy out of every living cell in my body and it gets worse i suppose. Day 11 just passed and that’s barely 10% of my ITP(Internship). Just hoping things will get better and maybe to find so quality time to soothe my burning out self.

Finally the photos are uploaded hahahaha 

Anyways thank you JJ for being my medic partner and teaching me lots of stuff during FOC & for all those fun times and taking care of me  要跟前辈学习学习 hehehe! 😁✌ #teamhelorus hahahaha #spsufoc1415

Dinner after my work with my boy❤… and didn’t know ccp had such a nice mini garden on the top floor ✌ (at Changi City Point)

DIY haircut… #byebyelonghair goodnights~ ✌❤ (at my hideout)

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ITP Day 7 | Favourite ramen with my boy after a long day at work ❤✌ #tiredface

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I think one of the major perks in bring a gl, is that you could see how big your family grow hahahahaha so proud of @mcharlenegarcia and @_viiince_ :’) good job guys ✌✌✌